Political Camping

Hanusol Business solutions have launching hundreds of websites for campaigns around the country. Our clients range from local city council and county commissioner campaigns to state legislative and congressional battles to statewide and national efforts. We have different packages available depending on your campaign's goals and resources. Each site we work on is custom designed, ensuring that you are delivered a campaign website that aligns with your campaign's messaging and is consistent across all media. Our sites are powered by a modern Content Management System, which will allow campaign staff of any technical ability to quickly and easily edit content, add multimedia, issue press releases, and more. Hanusol works to always be on the cutting edge of online campaigning, which ensures your site will be outfitted with the latest social media and web best practices.

The Hanusol is made up of experienced online campaign strategists who are available to our clients at all times to advise on online strategy or support the campaign with their technical needs. For more than a decade, we've proven our role as a leader in online campaigning. Get in touch today to see how we can help your campaign.There are a certain number of steps a political manager should take in order to create a successful voter persona. We’re going to break those down first before we get into how to use a voter person for political campaigning.

Hanusol is providing the Political Campaigning in different channels

     Voice Broad Casting
     Whats App
     Social Media Campaigning