Audio Conference bridges

HCS Overview

Hanusol Audio Conference Bridge (HCB) give High end Audio Conferencing Technology & Innovative Features Hanusol Audio Conference Bridge is a feature rich Audio Conferencing tool for startup’s & Enterprises. The Web based Application that allows users for Scheduling and Management of Telephone Conferences on an IP-PBX.

The HCB Application is designed to simplify the utilization of Telephone Conferences with the IP-PBX. With listed Features.


The Values Which Accelerate Hanusol

  1. Can be operated in "Meet Me" or "Dial Out" or both mode at a time.
  2. One Touch Conference" (Group Calling)
  3. Admin can view the ongoing conference through web based interrace.
  4. Hosts multiple conferences at a time.
  5. Connects to the PSTN or IP Network (SIP Phones).
  6. Participant details are recorded along with caller ID.
  7. Trunk lines can be analog PSTN, ISDN interface or SIP Phones.
  8. Entry/Exit Indications.
  9. Interactive Voice Response with three-language support for taking PIN (Conference) number and conference announcements.
  10. First caller hold message announcement.
  11. Reports are generated for Conference Details, Individual call details, Conference Booked and participant details.
  12. Can be used as Inexpensive in-house or hosted solution.