SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign Features

SMS campaigning is a way to promote the service or product by circulating a large number of messages to its targeted customer’s mobile phones. This is done to generate the maximum leads and to increase the profitability of the business, promotions. With the single click, a person can send the information to the thousands of people.

Promotional SMS:

This SMS is sent which contains information about the product, service, offers, promotions updates or any upcoming events. These SMS are basically for promoting and marketing of the business. For example, Retailers send their customer SMS whenever an exciting sale is going on to attract the customers.

Things to keep in mind before sending SMS Campaigning:

  1. The sender should maintain the database of the customers whom he wants to send the SMS. The targeted customers should be who are involved with the services or the product and should be sent to the numbers which are not in the NDNC registry.
  2. The content of your SMS should be short and objectives should be in clear words so your customer understands them easily. Use words which will attract the customer.
  3. The timing of your SMS is also important, you can send them between 9 am to 9 pm in which customer generally access their phones. Do not send SMS on the odd hours to the customers as it will bring unwanted attention of the customer.
  4. Your sender id should be related to your business so that customer can understand from where they have received the SMS. The most service provider will allow you to do this.

Some of the benefits of SMS Campaign are it is suitable for small and medium businesses as it is cost effective technique. Your SMS can also include various links like to the particular page of the website or to the payment gateway so that customer can easily visit the website without wasting any time. It also prevents from any frauds as transactional messages are only sent to the registered mobile phones. We can also take feedback from the customers on to the particular service or product which helps in taking decisions.

Advantages of SMS Campaign:

Direct Connectivity with all operating customers.
Supports to multiple connectivity per service providers.
Connectivity efficiency with deliver performance.
Delivers to all the numbers even the number is on DND.
Seam less delivery SMS to all customers with Omni channel.
Cost effective to reach the customers with smartest way.